Let me build your website

Want a Free website?  I need to build my portfolio of local businesses in North Florida, and you need a website.  Maybe we can help each other out.  For a “very” limited time I am willing to provide my services, free of charge, to 5 local businesses in need of a simple web presence.

My offer is simple.  I will build your website for free if I can post the project in my profile page and include a “Site Design by TallyWebGuy” in the footer (bottom) of your page.

What is included at no charge (free)

1.  Consultation (in person or by phone)
2.  Install WordPress to your host ($35 value)
3.  Install necessary themes and plugins ($20 value)
4.  Build a website with up to 10 pages + 1 form ($500 value)
5.  Social media – secure facebook, twitter, youtube, etc accounts ($250 value)
6.  Instruction on how to update the content of your website and social
media accounts yourself. ($100 – $300 value)

What is not included

1.  Domain Name (www.yourbusinessname.com)
Note:  Registrars typically charge between $10 – $20 yearly.
2.  Hosting (where your website pages are stored and served to visitors)
Note:  Lot’s of options here.  If you set this up it is usually around $5 – $10 month.
Some hosting providers include the domain name registration with a years hosting
prepaid.  If you would like me to register the domain name for you and manage
the hosting I charge $20 monthly.
3.  WordPress websites can be created from scratch or by the use of themes.  I find
that using an existing theme that suits your business needs is usually the best way of
going.  Themes range in price from $0 – $99
4.  Plug-ins are bits of software that expand the functionality of your website.
Plug-ins usually include calendars, added security features, galleries, fancy sliders,
contact forms, mailing list management, etc.  Typically plug-in’s cost between
$10 – $50, with a few (usually email management) requiring monthly subscriptions.
When you think about the cost of a plug-in versus the cost of custom programming
there is really no comparison.  In many cases $20 spent on a plug-in can save you
thousands of dollars in programming and more importantly a lot of time.
5.  Logo – if you want a logo included on your pages (website, social media etc) you
will need to supply me with digital versions (psd, pdf, jpg, png, etc).  If you don’t have a
logo I can design a simple logo for $100
6.  Content – you will need to supply me with the content for each page.  Content
included textual descriptions, images and video.

So what does this mean realistically.  If you already have the domain name registered
and hosting in place.  I can probably get your site up and running for less than $100.

As you can imagine this offer is on a first come – first served basis.  Contact me here!